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Explore the splendor of nature with our family-friendly videos, perfect for nurturing environmental appreciation and educational entertainment.

Our collection guides young viewers through breathtaking sites in the US, Canada, Europe, and beyond, with engaging descriptions and geolocations. 

Additionally, a select number of our videos offer first-person Point of View footage of activities like cycling, skiing, and kayaking, adding variety to our extensive range.

Tailored for preschoolers and older, these films provide a safe, enjoyable, and enriching experience, making them ideal for unwinding before bedtime. 

Discover the World with Video Geotargeting.

At Daily Escape Video, every adventure takes you to a real place on our amazing planet! With our special geotargeting feature, each video shows you exactly where it was filmed. Imagine finding the exact spot of a hidden jungle or a snowy mountain peak on a map!

Why Kids Will Love It:

  • Virtual Globe-Trotting: Just like a treasure hunt, kids can find the location of each video on a map, turning each viewing into an exciting quest.

  • Learn Fun Facts: Every place has its own story! Kids can learn cool facts about different regions, animals, and plants, making each video a fun and educational journey.

  • Inspire Curiosity: Discovering new places can spark a love of travel, geography, and culture in young minds.

Educated and Emotional Video Descriptions.

Our video descriptions go beyond the visual, aiming to educate and evoke emotions. We carefully craft each description to:

  • Stimulate Curiosity: Descriptions are designed to pique the interest of both parents and children, encouraging further exploration and learning.

  • Emotional Connection: We tell a story with each video, connecting viewers emotionally to the scene, enhancing the feeling of being present in that location.

  • Educational Value: Each description includes interesting facts about the location, its ecosystem, and its significance, making every viewing an educational experience.

Art photographs are available for download

Along with select videos, you can now discover original high-resolution (300 dpi) artistic photographs that are closely related to the video content. These captivating images are available for download, allowing you to bring a piece of the visual experience to your own devices.

Description: Embark on a serene journey to Moraine Lake in Alberta, a stunning alpine lake nestled in the Canadian Rockies. This video captures the lake's vibrant, multicolored waters and majestic mountain backdrop. Experience the tranquility as you glide over the lake, surrounded by nature's silence and beauty.

We offer only exclusive, non-stock videos, filmed by our dedicated team.